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For Washington’s Birthday: Easy Cherry Sherbet from the 1930s

The 1930s – the era that brought us the Great Depression as well as an end to Prohibition – also brought us some of our most enduring kitchen convenience products, such as Miracle Whip and Bisquick. This was also the … Continue reading

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A Southern Cocktail for a Snowy Week

One snowstorm down, two more to go this week (forget the Groundhog Day prediction for an early spring). For a diversion, I pulled out Charleston Receipts (Junior League of Charleston, 1950) from my shelf full of Southern cookbooks. The “Simons’ Special” looked … Continue reading

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Stewed Groundhog: ‘The Cleanest Meat One Can Find’

Given this year’s warm winter in New England (so far, so good), I expect that Punxsutawney Phil will predict an early spring on Groundhog Day. The American version of the holiday, celebrated February 2, is 130 years old. In the … Continue reading

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