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Blueberry Cake from the Land of the Pilgrims

Americans always think of the Pilgrims at Thanksgiving, but the first English settlers in Plymouth, Massachusetts ate a far more extensive diet than cranberry sauce and turkey. The Plimoth Colony Cook Book, published in 1957 by the Plymouth Antiquarian Society, … Continue reading


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Beef Stew from a $4 Crock-Pot and 50 Cent Cookbook

Decorated with a fruit-and-flower motif in a yellow border, the Crock-Pot on the yard sale table looked straight out of the 1970s, when this kitchen appliance first hit the market. I wondered if it would work, but the price was right … Continue reading

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Red, White and Rhubarb Crisp

I expected rhubarb to be out of season by now, but in western New York, this plant still thrives, perhaps due to the winter of the Arctic vortex and the cool spring afterwards. So I scrapped my plans for my … Continue reading

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