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Soup for a Snowy Week

Our crocuses bloomed, but now they’ve face planted in a foot of snow, thanks to fickle New England weather. A blizzard shut down the city for an entire day last week, which gave me time to cook an intriguing recipe for … Continue reading

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More Comfort Food: Hamburger Stew

My sister recently passed away, a loss like no other. It will take a lot more than a casserole to comfort me, but I craved something easy that could be easily refrigerated and reheated.

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Stewed Groundhog: ‘The Cleanest Meat One Can Find’

Given this year’s warm winter in New England (so far, so good), I expect that Punxsutawney Phil will predict an early spring on Groundhog Day. The American version of the holiday, celebrated February 2, is 130 years old. In the … Continue reading

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Beef Stew from a $4 Crock-Pot and 50 Cent Cookbook

Decorated with a fruit-and-flower motif in a yellow border, the Crock-Pot on the yard sale table looked straight out of the 1970s, when this kitchen appliance first hit the market. I wondered if it would work, but the price was right … Continue reading

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Eggplant Stew from My School’s International Dinner

The elementary school I attended in Chicago in the 1960s is within walking distance of the home where Barack and Michelle Obama lived before they moved to the White House. My parents used to take me for ice cream at … Continue reading

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