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A ‘Cheap and Quick’ (and Comforting) Pudding from 1862

In any era, wartime cooking brings out the spirit of making do with whatever can be scrounged up when most supplies go to the war effort. The Confederate Receipt Book, published in Richmond in 1862 as the Civil War entered … Continue reading

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Potato Soup with a ‘Teacupful’ of Rice

Call this Civil War Potato Soup comfort food from the 1860s. Thickened with rice as well as bread, the recipe from Godey’s Lady’s Book puts a triple helping of starch in a bowl. It promises nothing fancy and delivers nothing but soothing warmth.

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Abraham Lincoln’s Favorite Cake

Because this year marks the 150th anniversary of the end of the American Civil War, I’m immersing myself this month in recipes from the 1860s. Most women of that time started married life knowing how to make a few dishes. … Continue reading

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Arctic Weather Calls for Hot Spiced Rum

How low did Boston temperatures plummet this week? Officially, 2 degrees below zero. With wind chill, make that 30 below. It made my down coat feel like a light sweater. After 10 minutes of walking my recalcitrant and baffled dog, … Continue reading

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Rum Punch and Rice Pudding to Honor the Nation’s First Memorial Day

Memorial Day honors all who sacrificed their lives while serving in the U.S. military, but it started as a Civil War remembrance. In the spring of 1866, a year after the war ended, people in towns in the North and in … Continue reading

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More Carbo-Loading with Dilly Bread from Nebraska via Tennessee

In my recent travels through Tennessee, I picked up the Memphis Cookbook and Confederate Era Recipes. Each pamphlet contained a recipe for “Dilly” Bread, so I thought this was an old Southern tradition. However, a bit of research turned up … Continue reading

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