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A Honey of a Dressing

When in doubt for what to bring to a pot luck, look in your refrigerator. I found a whole watermelon and some arugula. How could I put those together? This seemed like a job for a good salad dressing.

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‘Tossed Salad Superb’ for a Healthy Start

Pre-washed greens make for the simplest salad possible: open the plastic container, put the leaves in a bowl, and add dressing. In the middle of winter, when the only produce on the shelves comes from greenhouses or countries on the … Continue reading

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Freshly Picked and Marinated

Marinated vegetables usually remind me of mushrooms dripping with oil, plus already-soggy white bread on the side. Yet a 1980s recipe from the Richmond Times-Dispatch tempted me because in the past month, I’ve eaten enough crudités to feel like Peter … Continue reading

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Waldorf Salad with a Midwest Twist

My summer base in western New York puts me closer to Cleveland than to the east coast, so I have a new radius for recipes to try. Since Empire apples are already being sold at the farm stand down the … Continue reading

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Funny Bunny Salad and Other ’60s Silliness

Forget broccoli-topped pizza and carrot sticks with yogurt dip. Recipes from the Easy-to-Cook Book from 1967 (Grosset & Dunlap) unabashedly rely on frozen vegetables, canned fruits, bacon, and butter. 

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Winter Salad from the Turf and Field Club Era

Leave it to my grandmother, Hanna, to clip every newspaper recipe that remotely interested her and then stash it away where she couldn’t find it again. I came across dozens of yellowed clippings inside a book for Royal Baking Powder … Continue reading

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Carrot-Raisin Salad for National Raisin Week

Name a food, there’s probably a holiday to celebrate it. That’s what I discovered at foodimentary.com, a site that tracks almost daily tributes, from the sublime-sounding National Coconut Cream Pie Day (May 8) to the somewhat ridiculous National Nutty Fudge Day (May 12). When … Continue reading

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