Soup for a Snowy Week

icy dayOur crocuses bloomed, but now they’ve face planted in a foot of snow, thanks to fickle New England weather. A blizzard shut down the city for an entire day last week, which gave me time to cook an intriguing recipe for German Goulash from Favorite American Recipes (Favorite Recipes Press, 1966). Continue reading

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Attucks Cake with Revolutionary Roots

crispus-attucks-cornbreadWhen British troops opened fire into a crowd of patriotic protesters at the Customs House in Boston on March 5, 1770, five men were killed. The so-called Boston Massacre became part of the lead-up to the colonies in America declaring independence from Britain in 1776. Crispus Attucks, one of the men killed in the Massacre, has a recipe named after him in The Historical Cookbook of the American Negro by the National Council of Negro Women (1958; reprinted by Beacon Press, 2000). The book celebrates African-American history with a year’s worth of recipes. Continue reading

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A Bright Brunch Cocktail

san-francisco-cocktailBecause I’m a runner, my brunch beverage of choice is usually Gatorade, but once in awhile it’s fun to set a festive table without resorting to the Bloody Mary and Mimosa standards. This recipe for San Francisco Cocktail comes from an unlikely source: Continue reading

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Icicles and Parsnip Chowder

parsnip-chowder-doneOne way to cope with the recent snowy spell in New England would be to make a batch of tropical cocktails. But for once, I decided to go along with it. I headed out on cross-country skis before work and made traditional New England recipes at night. This chowder interested me because it contains parsnips Continue reading

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Rich and Thin Brownies

chocolate-thin-browniesThat old adage, “you can never be too rich or too thin,” coined by Wallis Simpson – the scandalous divorcee who cost King Edward VIII the crown – applies to brownies as well as social climbers. This recipe for Thin Chocolate Bars from Home Cooks’ Easy Recipes (edited by Vivian Rothe, Paradise Press, 1993) bakes in a jelly roll pan. Continue reading

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Snow Blower Cocktail for Patriots Fans

snow-blower-cocktail-5Since I live in the capital of Patriots Nation, I could hardly pass up a chance to serve my Super Bowl crowd a locally themed cocktail to supplement our beer. I found my recipe in the St. Jean’s Book of Favorite Recipes (1982) from Newton, Massachusetts. St. Jean’s Catholic Church formed in the 1890s heart of the Nonantum section’s French-Canadian community. Continue reading

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An Inaugural Food Tradition

_20170120_121823As a candidate, President Donald Trump dispensed with many traditions. Continuing that theme, he  removed Boston-based Legal Sea Foods chowder from the celebratory menu, where it had been a fixture since 1981. Then he put it back! Want to make it? The recipe comes from the first edition of the Legal Sea Foods cookbook, published in 1988. Use bottled clam broth in place of fish stock to make it easier. Serve with a bottle of champagne — or shots of bourbon — depending on your sentiments today!



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