Lemon Relish for Grilling Season

Lemon marinade ingredientsNever mind today’s sleet and record-breaking cold temperatures in Boston. We’ve already started grilling. So what if we’re standing outside in our down coats instead of chili pepper-printed aprons? Spring traditions must go on.

The recipe for Lemon Relish that I found in Family Circle’s Illustrated Library of Cooking (1972) comes from the first of 16 volumes. Continue reading

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Lemon Pudding Adapted for Passover

Lemon pudding in bowlIf you’re keeping Kosher for Passover, you already trotted out your standard recipes at the seder. Now comes the drudgery of making lunch with matza and boiled eggs, then dinner with leftover brisket. That’s why I looked through my family files for recipes that I could modify for Passover. Continue reading

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Maple Flows from Tree to Table

maple-buckets.jpgDespite the snowy springtime in New England right now, it’s time to tap into a tradition that goes back to Native American history. In the 17th century, English settlers learned from the native people how to slash maple trees, collect the sap, and boil it down to its essential sweetness. Continue reading

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Grog-gy Cheers to 2018!

GrogThis post finds me more-or-less installed in the kitchen in my new (and downsized) home near Boston. I knew it would be quite disruptive to pack up every dish, glass, fork, serving bowl — and cookbook. I didn’t realize how long it would take to arrange everything. I’m still disoriented but cooking again.

What better distraction than Forgotten Drinks of Colonial New England by Corin Hirsch (The History Press, 2014)? Rum has a long and somewhat inglorious history in New England.  Continue reading

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Appalachian Apples for All

Apples from AppalachiaI’m in the midst of moving to a new home in the Boston area, which means I’ve temporarily lost track of my favorite cookbooks and family recipes. Yet in the midst of filling boxes, I’ve found unexpected treasures like this pamphlet from Appalachian Apples, Inc. in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Continue reading

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‘Best Soft Ginger-bread Ever Made’

Gingerbread w molasses.jpgMrs. J. F. Banchor, the woman who contributed her recipe to Home Cookery: Collection of Tried and True Recipes from Many Households (1899), certainly lacked modesty but she didn’t lack baking skills. Continue reading

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A Honey of a Dressing

Honey dressing watermelon saladWhen in doubt for what to bring to a pot luck, look in your refrigerator. I found a whole watermelon and some arugula. How could I put those together? This seemed like a job for a good salad dressing. Continue reading

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