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Curry: Bombay Meets Dixie and Becomes a Roosevelt Favorite

My grandmother, Hanna, collected quite a few chicken curry recipes, a surprisingly exotic departure from her preference for plain food. I don’t remember meeting anyone from India while I was growing up in Richmond, but Indian food was nonetheless popular … Continue reading

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More Carbo-Loading with Dilly Bread from Nebraska via Tennessee

In my recent travels through Tennessee, I picked up the Memphis Cookbook and Confederate Era Recipes. Each pamphlet contained a recipe for “Dilly” Bread, so I thought this was an old Southern tradition. However, a bit of research turned up … Continue reading

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Carbo-Loading: Sweet Potato Biscuits from Dr. George Washington Carver

Since I’m running the Boston Marathon in 2014 to raise money for Newton Community Farm, my neighborhood farm-to-table resource, I’m looking for ways to carbo-load with locally-grown produce. Early March is the nadir of the New England growing season, as … Continue reading

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Joy on the Menu at Cafe in Asheville, NC

When winter storm Titan ominously blotted out the route my daughter and I recently planned on a road trip from Nashville to Boston, we detoured east into Asheville, North Carolina. Instead of glumly feeling stranded, we enjoyed exploring an artsy … Continue reading

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