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‘Shake Until Frost Forms’

In the 19th century, British sailors used to mix their rations of lime juice (to prevent scurvy) with rum, creating the gimlet and other gin-lime cocktails. This Cool o’ the Evening cocktail from the Charleston Receipts (The Junior League of … Continue reading

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A Southern Cocktail for a Snowy Week

One snowstorm down, two more to go this week (forget the Groundhog Day prediction for an early spring). For a diversion, I pulled out Charleston Receipts (Junior League of Charleston, 1950) from my shelf full of Southern cookbooks. The “Simons’ Special” looked … Continue reading

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Curry: Bombay Meets Dixie and Becomes a Roosevelt Favorite

My grandmother, Hanna, collected quite a few chicken curry recipes, a surprisingly exotic departure from her preference for plain food. I don’t remember meeting anyone from India while I was growing up in Richmond, but Indian food was nonetheless popular … Continue reading

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