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Cranberries in a pie crust

Just in time for Thanksgiving, my neighbor organized a pie swap. Each of us baked a pie, then sliced it up and shared a sample with the other participants. For ideas, I looked through handwritten recipes from my grandmother and … Continue reading

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Cranberry Cheer

The cranberry, a fruit native to America, brings a welcome splash of color to the Thanksgiving table each year. My berries usually come from eastern Massachusetts, even though Wisconsin is the nation’s leading cranberry producer. Americans everywhere crave cranberries at … Continue reading

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Sweet Potatoes for Presidents

Thanksgiving became an official holiday in 1863 during Abraham Lincoln’s administration, and most U.S. Presidents have put sweet potatoes on their holiday tables ever since.

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‘Vodka Bog’ a Sweet Slog

Cranberries star in sauce on most Thanksgiving tables, but there’s no reason to stop there. This “Vodka Bog” punch from More Thoughts for Buffets (Institute Publishing) gets its kick and distinctive rosy hue from cranberry juice as well as cranberry liqueur.

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5 Ingredients, 5 Minutes for Cranberry Relish

When the English settlers arrived in Massachusetts in 1621, they found an unfamiliar, low-growing fruit: the cranberry.

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Puritan Pumpkins: ‘Fruit of the Lord’

Pumpkin pie will grace most Thanksgiving tables this week, including mine. Yet at the first Thanksgiving in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1621, the pumpkin would likely have been stewed, not baked.

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