All-American Corn Soup from 19th U.S. President and “Lemonade Lucy”

Corn Soup - done

Corn close up

The upcoming July 4 holiday inspired me to look back at recipes from U.S. Presidents for alternatives to unimaginative menus of hot dogs, hamburgers and potato salad. Continue reading

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Rhubarb Bars from a ‘Culinary Time Capsule’

Weston picnic 188When the town of Weston, Massachusetts celebrated the 300th anniversary of its founding in 2013, the Friends of the Weston Public Library asked people for their recipes and recollections. The result, Flavors of Weston, is filled with stories about traditions from times past.  Continue reading

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Finish Line of the Pieathlon with Cottage Cheese Apple Pie

Pieathlon pie bakedIMK June Eat PieBloggers about retro food unite today under the leadership of Yinzerella at Dinner is Served 1972 to make a pie recipe published before 1985. Each of us found and scanned a recipe and Yinzerella sent us each one to try.

Continue reading

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In My June Kitchen

IMK June lobster

June greetings to everyone linking up kitchens around the world through Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.

You know it’s spring in New England when you can easily find lobster Continue reading

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Spring Frivolity: Vermouth-Cassis from the 1930s

Vermouth CassisSo far, the recipes I’ve been reading in my grandmother’s cookbooks from the 1930s focus more on healthy family dinners than frivolity. My search for something more festive took me to the Chanticleer Society’s post for the top cocktails of 1934 Continue reading

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A ‘Chilled and Freshened’ 1930s Canapé

1930s eggs in progressAs a housewife in the 1930s, my grandmother, Hanna, modernized her kitchen with the latest convenience: an electric refrigerator. The Silent Hostess Treasure Book (1932) from General Electric taught her how to use this new-fangled appliance Continue reading

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For Mother’s Day: Grandma’s Chocolate Cake with a Surprise

Bertie choc cake 1When my Grandma Bertie was growing up in coastal North Carolina about 100 years ago, she dutifully wrote down recipes from her mother, her aunts, and the ladies of the town. She never baked this chocolate cake recipe for me, but I wanted to recreate it in her honor this Mother’s Day. Continue reading

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