Egg Nog in August: Pieathlon Time!

Pieathlon logoThese dog days of August make frozen custard more inviting than a pie with a custard filling, but I couldn’t resist the call from Yinzerella of Dinner is Served 1972 for competitors in the 5th annual Pieathlon. I participated once before by making a recipe for Cottage Cheese Apple Pie, which is not as vile as it sounds. This year, Yinzerella collected recipes published before 1990 from food bloggers, and assigned each of us a pie to make and share.

Pieathalon 5.2 bookThis year’s challenge, Old English Egg Nog Pie came from Retro Food for Modern Times, a fun blog that bills itself as “yesterdays recipes, cooked today.” Originally published in Entertaining with Good Housekeeping (date unknown), the recipe seems fit for a holiday feast. It took three steps to make – crust, custard, and the final addition of whipped cream and egg whites. Luckily, given the sweltering temperatures in Boston this month, only the crust required baking. I modified the original recipe by using melted chocolate to decorate, as my attempt at chocolate shavings ended up looking like dust. I also didn’t have a springform pan, so I used a tart pan instead. The directions worked quite well, but next time I’d add more nutmeg or a teaspoon of vanilla or almond extract to the filling – it was somewhat bland despite the rum and the chocolate topping. Still I was happy to fuel my training for a real triathlon in September!

Find more Pieathlon recipes on Dinner is Served 1972 or see below!

pie egg nog done 2

Pieathalon 5 recipe

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24 Responses to Egg Nog in August: Pieathlon Time!

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  6. greg says:

    It’s a stunning looking pie (with your melted chocolate drizzle)! More booze I say (3T would hardly whet anyone’s whistle, lol)! It’s an inspiring post (perhaps for the upcoming holiday season)…considering it’s coming from Australia where it’s winter now. Loved your posting!


  7. wendyklik says:

    This sounds delicious to me. Perhaps I will make it during the holidays.


  8. What a great holiday pie! I drew a Christmas Pie one year during Pieathalon and it gets HUGE traffic each year during the holidays. I hope the same for you!


  9. Yinzerella says:

    I love egg nog. I love pie. And I love that you made it!
    Thank you for joining in this year’s pieathalon. I hope it was fun.
    P.S. The drizzle looks better than the shavings IMHO


  10. Poppy says:

    I love that drizzle too! It looks very artistic. The old recipes do tend to be a bit toward the bland side.


  11. tarynnicole says:

    You made it look so pretty! I’m so glad it kind of worked for you! xx


  12. Sometimes I think bland might have been an ingredient for any recipe pre-1980!?!?!?!? It looks lovely without the shavings…


  13. Kari says:

    Oooh, that sounds nice! My husband makes eggnog every year at Christmas and his recipe calls for both rum and whiskey (he uses bourbon). Maybe a little bourbon would boost the flavor a bit?


  14. There are a lot of eggnog haters out there, but I love it! This is a great Christmas in July recipe for summer months. 😉


  15. S S says:

    One teaspoon of nutmeg and no other spices? No wonder it was so bland. But it looks lovely. I love your blunt honesty when you say your chocolate shavings turned to dust. Though sometimes a light dusting of chocolate can look charming anyway! 😀


    • Thanks for visiting! The challenge of recreating older recipes is whether to alter them too much. If I really need to make chocolate curls, I need a lesson and the right tools, not a chocolate bar and a carrot peeler!


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  17. Sally says:

    Custard tart by another name. Always gets my seal of approval.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Sheryl says:

    mmm. . . this looks absolutely wonderful.


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