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Rhubarb Bars from a ‘Culinary Time Capsule’

When the town of Weston, Massachusetts celebrated the 300th anniversary of its founding in 2013, the Friends of the Weston Public Library asked people for their recipes and recollections. The result, Flavors of Weston, is filled with stories about traditions from times … Continue reading


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Caffeinated Cake with a Nod to the Boston Tea Party

Coffee became a patriotic drink after Bostonians dumped tea into the Boston Harbor to protest high import taxes that Britain imposed on its colonies. With the anniversary of the original 1773 Boston Tea Party coming up on Dec. 16 – … Continue reading

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Puritan Pumpkins: ‘Fruit of the Lord’

Pumpkin pie will grace most Thanksgiving tables this week, including mine. Yet at the first Thanksgiving in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1621, the pumpkin would likely have been stewed, not baked.

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C is for Concord Grape Jam

As a pre-school teacher at the Grace House community center in Richmond, Virginia, my mother taught a whole generation how to distinguish a circle from a square, how to count to 10, and how to do the “Hokey Pokey.” At least … Continue reading

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A Tart Native American Taste of Cape Cod

Cranberries, the tart, red fruits essential to Thanksgiving feasts, grew on Cape Cod long before Americans turned them into a sugary accompaniment to turkey. The Wampanoag Native American people called the berries sassamenesh and used them as dyes. They also … Continue reading

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Chowder from the Pine Tree State

Fall in New England – the flaming burst of colors before the landscape mutes – always sends me back into the kitchen for comfort food, and chowder fits that category.

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A Beginner Attempts a Prize-Winning Pie

  Embarrassing to admit, I never baked an entire apple pie before this weekend. How un-American!

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Chocolate Chip Biscuits for Your Next Bake Sale

Blame the invention of the chocolate chip on a Massachusetts baker’s boredom. In the 1930s, Ruth Wakefield of the Toll House Inn decided to chop up a chocolate bar and add it to her standard butterscotch cookie recipe. The resulting … Continue reading

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In My September Kitchen

Inspired by Celia at figandlimecordial I am giving all of you a look inside my kitchen near Boston, Massachusetts. For the first scenes, I cheat a little by starting outside in a sunny spot in our back yard.

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Blueberry Cake from the Land of the Pilgrims

Americans always think of the Pilgrims at Thanksgiving, but the first English settlers in Plymouth, Massachusetts ate a far more extensive diet than cranberry sauce and turkey. The Plimoth Colony Cook Book, published in 1957 by the Plymouth Antiquarian Society, … Continue reading

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